Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April #PROTOTYPE Raffle

April already?! 

We're just shy of 4 months until PROTOTYPE releases, and I'm as excited as the rest of you! Almost as excited as the eBook novella release of ANTITYPE on May 13th. (Use that $2 eBook settlement money and get it for $1.99. It'll be totally worth it, I swear!)

So, since it's April 1st, it's time to give away another signed copy of PROTOTYPE! I'm excited about this because I get to introduce another new character! Last month, I introduced the funny little man, Dr. Phillip Malcolm, who has an entire warm corner in my heart. 

I have two other new characters who showed up as a set, and were very much a surprise to me. They took over every scene I put them in and added both jokes and tears. One in particular grew right before my eyes. So much so, that I was midway through writing this novel when I decided Nicoleigh (Leigh, pronounced LEE) Bennett needs her own story. Someday. *wink wink*

Until that day, I give you a glimpse of Leigh Bennett:

The woman folds her arms over the table and leans forward, sharp eyes holding my gaze. “’Tis some visitor tapping at my chamber door,’” she says. 
I recognize the line instantly. My Edgar Allan Poe fascination is fairly recent, and “The Raven” is one of my favorites. Peter gave me a new appreciation for classic literature that She never had. “‘Only this and nothing more,’” I finish.
Her smile widens and she exchanges a look with the man beside her. She then reaches across the table for a handshake. “I’m Nicoleigh Bennett. You used to call me Leigh.” 
The guy next to her snorts. “That’s not what she used to call you.” 
Dr. Malcolm turns to face the four of us, eyes alert, his entire body nearly vibrating with excitement. “This is a perfect display of establishing dominance in a social group. Typically, in this day and age, it would be between two males given the fact that there are so few females to fight over. You see, with her choice of mates, the female doesn’t have to show her feathers, so to speak, when meeting another female. I find it interesting that the two of you—” 
“Yes, Doc P. So interesting,” Leigh says, smirking at me.

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  1. I guess this book is published now. I am really excited to read it. Can I get a copy?

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