Sunday, March 9, 2014

Writing Diary: Week 3

I almost didn't write this post. Any progress I made this last week is embarrassing. BUT. Progress is progress. Here's to making up for it in the coming days!

I had a long trip from San Francisco to Baltimore last Sunday, so I managed a few words on one WiP while waiting on delayed flights, etc... Then came back to jet lag & a full work & family week. Not to mention a couple fun distractions like the cover to ANTITYPE:) Can't wait to show it to you, because it's amaze. 

Anyway... Here's the word count update!

Adult Scifi: Word count is up to 13,754. As you are probably aware, I'm piecing together old scenes with new ones. Well, this additional word count is ALL new, and happened to be a scene I wasn't sure I'd be able to write. I glossed over it the first time around, but all my smart crit partners wagged their fingers at me. So there you go:)

Favorite Lines:
My name on his tongue was a gentle, inescapable lure. I met his gaze, so steady and calm. Heat unfurled in my chest and spread into every limb.
His jaw muscles flexed and his chin jerked up, breaking eye contact. He focused somewhere beyond me. “Medical is here.”
Men in white descended on me a moment later, saving me from having to answer. Distracting me from the raw emotion leaking into my bloodstream. Confusing my mind, which became obvious when for a second—a stupid, single eternal second—I almost reached up to touch him.
YA Scifi: No Change :( I started to work on it, but I'm not happy with the last scene I wrote, which puts the brakes on until I figure out what needs to be changed. Luckily, I think I've already got an idea, so moving on!

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