Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Meet #ARCHETYPE ~ Declan

Today I want to introduce you to Declan, CEO of Burke Enterprises and Emma’s husband. He’s one of those characters who was supposed to be one thing, but ended up something else entirely.

He makes me sigh, people.

Emma wakes up with no memory, and no knowledge of how the world works. She has to learn how to do everything down to speech. In a sense, she’s a newborn, and Declan teaches her. He’s patient and kind. He’s incredibly sexy. He’s protective…

…even if it means protecting her from herself.


I wake in my room. I notice right away the bruised and achy feeling in my lower belly. My throat is dry and I cough.

“There you are.”

Declan rises from a chair in the corner and lays a book down on the table. He does not look at me as he fills a cup with water. His beautiful lips are set in a frown.

I sit up and accept the glass he offers me. “What happened?”

He sits on the edge of my bed and appears to focus on his clasped hands. “You’ve had a setback. Arthur says we’ve been allowing you to do too much and it’s causing stress to your body.”

My spine snaps to attention and heat floods my chest. It takes everything I have not to react irrationally by lashing out with accusations and arguments to the contrary. And in the end, I still cannot halt the strained words that finally slip past my throat. “I do not do too much. I am not allowed.”

If my reaction surprises him, he does not show it when he meets my gaze unflinchingly. “We’re restricting your activities for a while.”

“What? No!”

He nods once. “I’m sorry, but your health means more than anything else.”

Scorching hot tears threaten, and a roll of heat moves up my chest and into my face. Declan’s eyes widen when I throw my sheet off my lower body and stand opposite him. I barely notice the coolness of the floor under my bare feet.

Declan rises slowly and his eyes, usually soft and kind, narrow and harden. His thinned lips say what he does not: Be careful where you go next.

But I do not care. “You cannot do this to me,” I say and do not recognize my own voice. It is low and wells up from the deep recesses of my chest.

“I can and I will,” he says, his tone even and deep.

Love thatSmile

Anyway! Don’t forget…The signed ARC giveaway starts Sunday, September 1st. I’ll be introducing you to all the characters this week, so keep checking back for more good snippets and character love!

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