Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pass of the Pass Pages

You know how you read your manuscript a million times and at some point you’d rather toss it in a fire than read it again?
I reached that point with Archetype a while ago, so I wasn’t really looking forward to the first pass pages. I might have held on to them for roughly three weeks before finally breaking down to read them.
Then I started reading, and it was like seeing the novel in a whole new light. Reading Emma’s story in the new format with the chosen font, etc…was nothing short of awesome. I almost didn’t recognize it as my own book. I seriously finished and was like this:

It’s amazing. So many things (small things) were altered over the course of the past few months between agent edits, then publisher edits, that it sort of became really clinical. I saw how they really worked well with the story I created, but didn’t get it until now.
I’m thrilled about it’s release next January because you all will get to experience what I just did.
Now if I can just get Prototype in shape we’ll be all set!!

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