Friday, November 30, 2012

Pinterest of the Week

It’s my favorite post, and boy do I have some good stuff for you this week. It’s almost too difficult to choose a favorite in each category. But let’s give this a shot.

First, the ONLY one that didn’t require any thought on my part. Ladies, you might recognize my Hero of the week from Grey’s Anatomy. If you are in the dark, this, my friends, is Jesse Williams.

Jesse Williams

Jesse is the character inspiration for a minor character in ARCHETYPE, but after seeing this…whoa. He is most def Hero material.

Okay. Let’s breathe and move on to the Heroine of the week, Mila Kunis!


Steamy Pic of the Week: Man. I love this. If this doesn’t give you a vivid scene, I don’t know what will.

☆ ☆


Onto the funny:

Ryan. You just understand me so well.


The only potty joke that ever brought me to tears:


THIS is me all day. Every day.


So there ya go! Have a great weekend y’all!

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