Monday, November 19, 2012

Me and My Patchwork Quilt

I have this “trunk novel,” an urban fantasy, that over the years has been my nemesis. I am so determined to wrangle it in because the characters and story have been THE favorite of all my novels. And not just mine. CP’s and family alike.

My sis called the other day and brought it up AGAIN, saying she wished I could just publish it already because she’s dying for the sequel. She may have squealed a few times over a particular character. CP’s squeal over other characters. There’s a lot of squealing, I tell you. It’s a lot like this:


I, of course, am not dying for the sequel. I already know what happens in books two and three. How it all ends. And it’s pretty awesome-sauce.

I ended up on a couple really long drives between Thursday and Saturday. We’re talking a couple hours each way, so obviously I had a lot of time to think this over. My biggest issue has always been the beginning. I must have wrote five different versions a few months ago trying to find it. They were all good, but not great. I became annoyed. CP’s became annoyed. So I gave up. Again.

Beyond the beginning, I still had some minor stuff, like firming up goals and motivations followed by some kick-ass world-building—the ass getting kicked will be mine, but that’s neither here nor there.

So I stood in front of the massive white board in my office and plotted the entire thing using plot points and pinch points and goals and motivations and conflict and subplots…using all the ideas I came up with on my drive. And I got super excited because NOW, after all these years, the story makes sense. It sort of did before, but was iffy with the weak gmc’s.

All day yesterday I literally patch-worked this beginning together from all those different versions. It was CRAZY for a few hours minute. All the docs have basically the same title (yes, I’m that big of an idiot) some parts I was hunting for were in the last place I expected to find it. I did this for SIX chapters of what I can only describe as a roller coaster ride. It’s an intense start with a serious range of emotions.

So now I just let them simmer and wait. Thanks to Scrivener, I can send a Kindle version to myself and read it in a whole new light. (This is a great way to edit!!) I really think I beat it into submission this time, though.

I think.

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  1. Agh! My comment didn't post! Second one is the charm :) This book is by far my favorite! I think about it still! It was so good to begin with so I'm sure this one will be amazing! Which reminds me I need to start reading what you sent me:)


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