Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Updates and Ponderings

Fresh out of #Frankenstorm here in Maryland. No power outage in the Waters household, thank God. In fact, I’ve watched worse storms blow through here. One earlier this year that practically decimated the whole state, in fact. Irene had me more on edge than Sandy.

Anyway, with no work to do yesterday, I was free to work on what I called the #HurricaneDraft, which happens to be the sequel to the novel just picked up by JVNLA. (The novel that no longer has a name. UGH! It has a new tentative name, but until I get confirmation, it’s nameless and sad…) Finished out the day at 14 K and feeling those anxious excited jitters over the story laying out before my eyes. It feels so good to work on something new again. Especially after 2 super-quick rounds of revisions on Nameless and Sad. (Nameless and Sad but AWESOME, guys! Super excited here!)
Also preparing for NaNo. I can’t believe I’m even making the attempt this year, though Nameless and Sad is a product of last year’s NaNo. It might be just the thing I need to finish my first ms in months. I have this sequel and my paranormal romance in the works. Not sure which one I’ll end up trying to knock out for my 50K.
The problem I’m facing are the juxtaposition of their voices as well as tense. Sequel is present and Para Rom is past. Emma in Sequel is active in a subtle way, while Eden in Para Rom is active in an I’m going to kick your ass just for speaking sort of way. It’s a clear case of quiet and thoughtful and kind versus speaks her mind and deceptive and snarky. There’s no way I can work on both without wrecking their characters in some way.
Both are fully plotted. I have even planned full blown character archetypes for the Para Rom. That’s right. Me, the pantser, plotted. It’s my new thing and I dig it.
Anyway, that’s my update. Find me on NaNo! (MistyDawnWaters) Let’s do this thing together!

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