Friday, February 24, 2012

Sh*t Writers Say

We talk about FOOD.


And consequences.

Ann Marie Walker

We talk about smelling food. (Research, am I right?)

Elena J

We pat ourselves on the back by indulging in more…that’s right, folks…FOOD. Nothing says “great job” like celebratory cake.

Jessica Corra

Oh, but wait, cinnamon bun first, then…writing goal…then cake.

Nikki Barnabee

We Greet.

Heather Marie

We Worry.

Anthony T DeSimone

We make the Hard Choices.

Anna Cowan

We Blame.

Lacey Devlin

We Threaten.

Michelle LaMarca

We look for…stuff.


We really have no idea what we’re doing. And the people in our heads won’t talk about it.

Lucy D. Briand

We call ourselves very odd things.

Erin Ashby

We see a beautiful day and are inspired to do more odd things.

Terry Gibson

We never leave our office and can find a way to do just about everything, including…

Frank Tuttle

Oh, and you best believe we’ll find a place to type that word that isn’t really a word and make it work, by George.

Charissa Weaks

#FreakyGod/dess titles for EVERYONE! You’re all the best part of my day.



What say you?