Charming Dove Harbor

 USA Today Bestselling author Misty D. Waters...

Family secrets drove star left-winger Cooper Banks away from the love of his life, but hot off a championship win he's no longer satisfied with second place. Except the daddy's girl he left behind is now a woman no longer impressed by his charming smile. So when Savannah Jane Scott decides to put Cooper in the penalty box, she aims to keep him there...for good this time.

A handsome B&B owner plus an exotic vacation equals a rare opportunity for overworked single mom Amelia Spenser: a chance to be someone else. For one week, she’s free to be anyone he wants. And she wants to be his perfect match. He doesn’t have to know who she really is. What’s a few lies for the sake of a week they’ll never forget? It’s not like they’ll fall in love…

Brandon Atmore is content with his new start in Dove Harbor. He’s in his son’s life full time and has traded in the title of Army Lieutenant for Bar Owner. There’s still an empty hole in his chest from the day Amelia chose Joshua Banks over him, but helping local gentleman find their life-partner will do as a salve for now. Who needs love when his role as the local—and top-secret—matchmaker has an extremely high success rate?

Gazette reporter Samantha Taylor has spent enough time writing wedding engagements to know something is up with this town. Birds are singing, stars are twinkling, and the local residents are damn near dancing in pairs on every street corner. She might just be the only sane person in town since she learned long ago that falling in love causes nothing but trouble. If she can find the cause for their madness, she might finally have a featured article to yank her out of announcements hell and into the big leagues.

Brandon never saw himself falling for anyone after Amelia, and he absolutely didn’t want to fall for the reporter hell-bent on revealing his matchmaking secret to the entire town. But Sam’s making it impossible for him to return to the life he’s built for himself. And learning why she’s afraid to fall in love offers him a challenge to match this beautiful woman with a man who’s heart hasn’t beat in a very long time: his.

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