Thursday, July 24, 2014

#Prototype Release, and OH! #SDCC!

The last of my Emma babies is out in the world! *sniff* I can't believe it! What a crazy year, and it's only half over. Today marks my THIRD release this year. My last unless something crazy pops up--keep an eye on my Wattpad, because you NEVER KNOW.
Never fear. I'm working super hard to get more books out, so don't go anywhere!
In other news, I'll be at San Diego Comic Con this weekend!! Here's where/when you can find me:
FRIDAY: Penguin Booth #1028 @ 4pm for a "Friday Firsts" signing with Lydia Kang and Walter Jury! I'll be signing paperback copies of ARCHETYPE. 
SATURDAY: PANEL: Sci-fi, Robot, and AI, Oh My! Room 7AB at NOON. I'll be staring hard at authors Daniel H. Wilson, Jason Hough, Daniel Price, Andy Weir, and Nick Cole! Afterward, you can find me signing copies of PROTOTYPE @ 1:30, Table AA09. 
COME SEE ME! LET'S HANG OUT! I'll be stalking Stephen Amell if you feel like tagging along.


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