Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July #PROTOTYPE Giveaway & New Excerpt

eBook Available Now!
eBook Available Now!
This is officially the LAST raffle (from me, anyway) to get an advanced copy of PROTOTYPE! Can you believe she releases on the 24th?! So close!
Let's make this raffle extra special, shall we? How about a signed hardcover set?? First place winner will win both ARCHETYPE & PROTOTYPE. Hardcovers. Signed.
Following winners have a chance to win a signed ARC of PROTOTYPE (the advanced paperback version), a signed paperback of ARCHETYPE with it's crazy good cover, or an ARCHETYPE T-shirt.
Just for stopping by, everyone gets an excerpt! Here's one of my favorite parts. Little background: Emma's running from men who are trying to capture her.
I do not look back but instead listen to the dropping off of footfalls and, according to their tones, frustrated curses. I run into the trees and lose several more. Well into the first mile, I reach the entrance to a cemetery. Stone steps lead up the steep hillside. Aging statues of angels, heads bowed in prayer, frame either side of the entrance. Ivy winds up their ethereal bodies. Loose green leaves carpet each step. The sun shines through dense foliage, casting heavenly fingers around the blessed area.
I duck behind large headstones, hoping to lose whoever still follows. When I think I have been out of sight for a while, I push through the door of a mausoleum and close myself inside. Dust particles float in shafts of sunlight from small windows near the top. Three stone coffins fill the space. Dried flowers rise stiffly from dust-coated ceramic vases.
Voices sound close outside and I scramble to the nearest coffin to test the lid. The stone is heavy but scrapes aside with little trouble. A putrid and dank-scented cloud encapsulates the air around me. My gag reflex hitches and I cannot bring myself to look down at first. The raised calls outside grow closer, though, and force me into action.
Whoever the woman was, she has completed the decomposition process, making things easier. She wears the remains of a full-length white dress, pearls at her throat, and a diamond ring to rival mine.
I could sell those.
I grip the coarse stone edge and shake my head. I cannot believe I just considered robbing a dead woman’s grave. There are no circumstances that dire. Not even mine. Besides, I will owe her once I do what I am about to do.
Carefully, I push the remains aside and climb in. The interior smell is nowhere near as bad as the initial release, but it is still awful. I hold my breath and exert all my strength into shifting the heavy lid back into place. Soon, not even a slip of light passes through.
My next draw of breath drags in the foul air and pulls tears from my eyes. Oh God, there is a dead woman next to me. Dead. I want to cover my face but I dare not move. A sharp hipbone sinks into my back like a knife. The back of my head lies on a bed of ribs. I am living inside my nightmare. Trapped by the infinite dark with death at my back.
Outside, the unmistakable sound of the door opening makes me stiffen. Two men speaking in rapid Spanish are inside the mausoleum. The scuffling of shoes against concrete echoes in the space. I hear them travel between the coffins, taking their time. I hold my breath when one of them speaks directly over me, his voice muffled. Three taps, like palm slaps, sound on the lid.

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  1. Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway. I'm a big fan. Congratulations on the upcoming release.

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