Sunday, June 29, 2014

Writing Diary: Week 19

Paperback Now Available!
Paperback Now Available!
Big, big number to report this week. I missed last week because I went away on vacation with the family. Luckily for this writer, it was a chance to write until I passed out for 7 straight days.
I went into the vacation intending to work on both manuscripts, but got pretty swept up in the Adult Scifi. I'm further into it now than I am the YA Scifi. As much as I love the YA, I couldn't put this story down. And it's refreshing to be back in an adult PoV, but I sense a break coming, so I'm sure I'll be back to reporting #'s on the YA very soon.
Okay, so here it is!
Adult Scifi: 56,663!
If you've been keeping track, that's 20K in TWO WEEKS. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm pretty stunned. That's practically a damn novella. 
Fave Lines: Turns out I don't have many of those. It's such a rough draft! Plus I've reached territory in which, if you've read PROTOTYPE, you'll recognize names and such. Lots of telling info. SO. Keeping it light this week.
I’d been asleep for too long. The waking kind. The seeking vengeance and forgoing an actual life sort of sleep. I’d been going full-tilt toward a future I hadn’t yet realized was as empty as my bed. All those barriers I thought guarded me from the evil in this world also hid the possibilities. 


  1. Just finished Archetype and want to commend you on its excellence. And I'm first in line on the book when my local library gets its copy. So I guess Antitype will have to tide me over in the meanwhile.

    Damn good novel for anyone, let alone a debut book.

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