Sunday, June 15, 2014

Writing Diary: Week 17

First: 38 days out from PROTOTYPE release. YAYAYAYAYAY!
Paperback Release 6/24/14
Paperback Release 6/24/14
IF you're so inclined, here are the buy links: AmazonBarnes & Noble
I'd be a bad momma if I didn't also mention that there's a WHOLE OTHER VERSION about to release: Large Print! And we're just 12 days away from that. Whoot! (I'm digging the lace shadow on this one. It's pretty sexy.)
Releases 6/25/14
Releases 6/25/14
Okay, so.... Updates. I actually have counts to report for both books this week. I opened the adult scifi on Friday evening and worked on it through yesterday. Nothing NEW, but I went back and deepened the point of view in some areas, which is exactly what this novel's been missing. Which means....I figured out where I've been lacking and how to fix it, so I should be reporting updated word counts on this in the weeks to come. YAY.
Adult Scifi: 36,937 with a bonus 557 for this scene I saw that will come toward the end, but HAD to write immediately. That happens on occasion. Wish it happened more, but alas... Muse is finicky.
Fave Lines:
“You tell yourself that if you can just survive, you can return to your normal life, and you’ll never take for granted those things you thought were bad. You’ll embrace them, and thank God every day for each and every heartbeat. Every expansion of air in your lungs. You’ll be happier than you’ve ever been in your life.” I looked him in the eye and blinked free the first wave of tears even as I smiled. “Because you’ll be alive.”
“Nic,” he whispered and cupped my cheek, brushing tears away with his thumb. “You don’t have to do this.”
I shook my head and backed out of his touch. “Those thoughts of hope were the first lies I told myself."
YA Scifi: 53,161 Man. So. Last week I wrote the hero's big mid-point speech and it surpassed my expectations. I spent several days on it, adding, subtracting, refining. The way it ended came as a big surprise, and even required a bonus scene I hadn't planned for. I used to pants my way through stories, so I just kind of went with it. All I knew was that it would lead me right back into my plot board plans, and if it didn't work out, I'd just delete it. But I think it works! So I'm keeping it.
Fave Line: SO MANY!!!!!
Georgia frees herself of Alec’s strong arms, grabs an end table, and dashes into the crowd. In seconds her head appears above everyone. She turns to take everyone in, the devil in her expression, and waits until she has their rapt attention.
“I’m in the mood to clean house,” she says.
There’s something about the way her eyes glint, the way she leans toward everyone, that makes her intensely beautiful. She attracts like a Gorgon. Any second now the large curls in her hair will come to life, hiss like snakes, and her burning eyes will turn us all to stone.
“I don’t know about you,” she continues, “but I’m sick of living in fear. We shouldn’t have to!”
Did she really just stomp her foot? Come on, Medusa. Didn’t think acting like a toddler was your style. At least show some class while you’re kindling your hellfire.
A chorus of cheer rings through the air. Fists raise on the human half of the room. A few more on the mod side, but not all, I’m happy to see. There are fewer dunces than I first thought.
Georgia looks at the humans. “Name your fear. Let’s put them out ton—”
Georgia’s left arm yanks down suddenly, and a second later, she’s jerked right off the table. The surrounding crowd shifts and murmurs bubble across the room. Then Ian climbs onto the table, and turns the way Georgia had, taking in every face.
That killer, bracketed smile of his sweeps the room. “Think my ex is mad at me?”
Everyone, including the mods, laugh. I laugh; he’s a damn snake charmer.


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