Sunday, June 8, 2014

Writing Diary: Week 16

Another week, another awesome word count. But first...RAFFLE WINNERS!
(Karin: a copy of Prototype, Milena: a T-shirt, and Nicole: a tote bag.) Congrats, ladies! I'll be getting in touch with you shortly for addresses.
So, about my week. Twas a good one. I took a look back at where I started on Friday night and was astounded, actually. I haven't written this much in a while, and it feels really good. At one point, I tried to put away the YA Scifi and work on the Adult Scifi because I had a random idea to add, but the YA has too much pull. I just can't stop working on it. Anyway, here's the count.
YA Scifi: 48,664. That's over 7K up from last Sunday. Love. This word count puts me at the high point of my midpoint, which means... Halfway there! And seriously, if I double that word monster?
Fave Lines: UGH! There are so many.
Patrick fists the guy’s T-shirt and yanks him closer. “You’re talking about the woman I love. I’d be very careful with your word choices from here on out.”
My breath escapes in a whoosh. That’s hands-down the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen. It’s as if Patrick doesn’t see the mods gathering behind the guy he’s holding in a none-so-subtle threat. As if what happens to him doesn’t matter, because the woman he fights for is worth every ounce of pain he’s about to incur if this goes south. This mob could very well stomp him to death if he’s not careful. He’s effin’ crazy. Brave, but crazy.
A surprising thought suddenly blinks like a newborn star against the black sky of my mind: I want to be loved like that. As if nothing in this world means more than I do. Not the judgment of mods, humans, or even a vengeful god out to forsake all he’s created. By the look in Patrick’s eyes, he is that god staring down those he has already abandoned as if to say Test me, mortal. You only breathe because I allow it.
Have I mentioned how much I love this book?

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