Sunday, June 1, 2014

June #PROTOTYPE Giveaway & New Excerpt

It's almost here! Less than 2 months away, you guys. I know you're anxious, and I'm here to ease some of that pressure with another giveaway and excerpt. Okay, so the excerpt won't help, but it'll be fun!
Meet Daxton Thomas!
Daxton Thomas
Armand drops his feet to the floor. “What happened to her?”
“I don’t know. Crazy bastard probably dosed her up. He’s blaming Burke. Threatened to take the company in a lawsuit. Anyway, we can use this to our advantage. Get ahead of the story in the media.”
“Agreed. I can make an anonymous call to the Times. Imagine the press Burke will get if the world thinks his missing wife—”
Daxton, glancing furtively around the lobby, cuts in. “As much as I’d love to put this on her, Burke won’t stop until he figures out it was you, then, by extension, me. No, we start by putting this on the resistance. Once that news settles, we’ll find a way to leak a connection between Emma Burke and Ruby Godfrey. The press will eat that up.
“Lastly, we’ll reveal who the real Original {Spoiler} is. How Burke’s been misleading, not only the world, but three-quarters of his board and tainting his father’s legacy. When all is said and done, the world will know what Emma Burke really is, and who she was. {Spoiler}.”
I can't say much more about Daxton other than... Nope. There's nothing I can say. :) Anyway!
Raffle! Open worldwide. Easy entries for followers and fans. Win a signed, advanced copy of PROTOTYPE or a couple of fun ARCHETYPE swag-type-fun-things. 

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