Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Excerpt & #PROTOTYPE Giveaway

Here we go again! I'm giving away another advanced copy of PROTOTYPE! I love this part, because with this giveaway comes a new character to introduce!
He's what I like to call the sexy comic relief. Miles Trumble tagged along with Leigh, sitting himself down and surprising Emma (and ME) with his awesome. Mr. and Ms. Unplanned Character, and all at once. Twas a good day for me. 
So here's a sample of what's in store for you.
Miles pushes Leigh up onto the platform and I follow. He positions us in the center, then faces the table. On the clear surface glows the image of a computer desktop in white and blue.
He rubs his palms together and grins at the tabletop. “Hey, baby, let’s warm you up.” He strokes a small, illuminated blue square in a tight circle. “Oh, yeah, there’s your sweet spot.”
Leigh snorts beside me. “Said every disillusioned man in history.”
He grins and starts typing on an illuminated keyboard. “I’m no man, honey. I’m a beast.”
“I thought that was hair I saw on your back.”
He spins around, eyes wide. “Take that back. That’s how rumors get started.”
She flicks a hand at the table. “Don’t you have something you need to be doing?”
I love Leigh and Miles. Seriously!
SO! Up for grabs: 1 signed advance copy of PROTOTYPE, 1 Prototype T-Shirt, and 1 Archetype Tote Bag. Easy entries for current followers of my various media platforms, so take those points! 
New T-shirts!

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