Sunday, April 13, 2014

Writing Diary: Week 8

Another week just flew by me. Work was hectic, my brain felt half-asleep 90% of the time, and I lost a day to a good binge read. (Not really a loss, because great books never are.) But I did get some writing in. I wouldn't call it an entirely successful week, but...there was progress. 

Adult Scifi: 25,563. So. I hit a very intense scene in this one last week, and it blindsided me a little bit. I needed to show a couple things in particular, and they hit my heroine on such a personal level that she sort of entered the darkest part of her mind. Which means I entered the darkest part of my mind. Once this draft is fleshed out... TEARS. I just know it. 

Fave Lines:
I expected to find one of the girls struggling against an attacker, and blood everywhere. What I found chilled me further to my core. Charlotte, her blond hair stringy and damp with sweat, red-faced, and backed against a wall halfway down the stairs. Rivers of tears snaked down her cheeks from darting eyes. Benjamin kept trying to reach out for her, but this only made her scream more. The other two girls clung to each other at the top of the stairs. 
Ethan took the steps two at a time, clearly not thinking, only to find his presence made matters worse. Charlotte lunged to her feet and nearly threw herself over the banister. The men had her caged in, trying to calm her, and I saw her breaking more and more the longer they stood there. Couldn’t they see the volatile soul under her delicate skin? The fissures lengthening, widening, groaning. The steam escaping in a hiss. She’d explode and take us all with her.
YA Scifi: 26,905. This. THIS. Okay, so this WiP has been giving me fits the past couple weeks. I've been slogging through the pinch point, which shouldn't be taking as long as it has, but I made a skewed turn (as opposed to a wrong one, because it wasn't necessarily the wrong direction) somewhere on top of how I had no idea in hell how I was going to get my heroine and hero out of this pinch. My original plan was too similar to another scene so I had to make some last minute adjustments. So I've straightened out the skewed version, and just this morning finally got the HUZZAH moment I've been waiting for. Today, I'll write my way out of this pinch and take off running. YAY. Because I'm madly in love with this book and can't wait to finish it. (We'll see if the feeling lasts lol.) 

Fave Lines:
“Get on.” 
Just the words I’ve been dying to hear. Come on, hero, you can do better than that. “If you’re looking for some kind of life debt in return for saving my ass, you should have left me dangling.” 
“Are you always this difficult? I’m trying to save your life.” 
You and everybody else—sort of—including me. “You don’t even know me.” 
“I know more about you than you know yourself.” 
I highly doubt that, because if that were true, he wouldn’t be here right now. Heroes rescue damsels, and I’m definitely not that. What I am is a survivor, a heroine in her own right, a slayer of demons, and a shark. I’m everything he’s not, and then some.

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