Sunday, March 23, 2014

Writing Diary: Week 5

Another week, another update!

But before I get to that, it was a huge week for the eBook of ARCHETYPE! Thank you to everyone who spread the word about the $2.99 deal. The special price only lasts until the 25th, so if you haven't taken advantage, or your friends have dropped the ball, we're in the 11th hour! Must hurry! Here are your Nook & Kindle links.

Now, on to the fun things. If you don't follow my Facebook Fanpage, you missed a big moment. You can check it out HERE. And you know I'm all over Twitter, but did you know I'm active on Instagram? Don't miss all the fun moments, because I don't usually reuse content on every social media site. Some things I like to leave special for those who follow.

All right, WiP updates! It was another busy work and family and friends week, but I managed to get some words down. Everything still feels pretty raw in those pages because I need to flesh them out, but I like the bones I've laid down.

Adult Scifi: 18,186

Fave lines:
Daxton appraised me with renewed interest, then frowned. “I know Mr. Tucker, but never saw her before. I would remember this one for sure.”There’s nothing I hate more than when someone speaks to me in third person. 
No sooner had my irritation come to fruition than Daxton reached out with his right hand to skim knuckles down the outer edge of my left breast. “She’s nice.”I snatched his wrist out of the air and twisted his arm until he ended up on one knee, angled back to relieve the strain in his elbow and shoulder. 
Whitney squealed in the background, and Ethan reached out. 
I released Daxton in a flash. I shouldn’t, but regret seeped through my anger, and all because I was face-to-face with Ethan’s fury and then some. Fired in my first week. The guys back home would have a good time with that. 
Except Ethan hadn’t even been reaching to stop me. He fisted the front of Daxton’s shirt and forced him to his feet. Ethan pushed him—nudged him, really—until Daxton stumbled a safe two steps away. 
Daxton brushed at his rumpled shirt, attempting a glare, but the pinking in his cheeks were practically a siren for embarrassment. 
“Who the fuck do you think you are?” Ethan’s tone hadn’t raised a single octave above normal. It was scary, really. 
YA Scifi: 14,704

Fave Lines:

Ian links his hands behind his head, and pushes the chair back on two legs. “Who taught you to fight like that, anyway?”

“My friend Xan. Taught me to lie, cheat, and steal, too. I can pick your pocket right now, and you’d never know.”

One of his eyebrows rockets up. “No kidding?”

“No kidding.” I toss a heavy ring across the space and it plops down on his chest.

His chair drops to the floor as he examines the ring I’d taken right off his hand a little while ago. “My ring.” 

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