Sunday, March 16, 2014

Writing Diary: Week 4

It's a big Sunday here in my weekly check-in. I'm starting off with a little promo, but I think you'll like this.

ARCHETYPE ebook is $2.99 for Nook & Kindle! That's a huge price drop, and you should all go take advantage while the price lasts. :) Oh, and spread the love, of course. This is a great price.

And... As you can see, the cover for ANTITYPE has graced my post. Isn't it amazing?! This novella blows my mind a little, if I'm being honest. I love it. But I adore Declan and Noah, so of course I do. It was fun writing from their point of view, as well as finally sharing their past, much of which will come as a shock to a lot of you.

Okay, now for the checkin. It was a good week of progress! I think what's shocking me the most is how well these are both coming together. Plot boarding is my new best friend.

Adult Scifi: 14,887! I love the additions I've made to this rewrite. Entire scenes that never existed before, but are really what this novel needed. I can tell already that I'm going to break 100K on this, too. YEP, I'm calling it early, so we'll see if I'm right.

Fave Lines:
I pointed to the fly. “You using that?” 
“You assume it works.” 
“Doesn’t it?” 
His chest jumped on a laugh and he grinned. “Of course it does. Take it, you ungrateful twat. And get out of here before you break something.” 
Grinning, I tapped his cheek just hard enough to make his jowls shiver. “I’m beginning to like you.”

YA Scifi: 11,669! I added two chapters, but I also fleshed out all to hell a whole other scene that added to some massive worldbuilding. I really do love this book already and can't wait to finish it. It's so great. Not sure I can call a word count on this one yet. Definitely upwards of 85 to 90K.

Fave Lines:

“Why are you being so nice to me?" 
Her smile has the nerve to flinch. “Why not?” 
I sweep a hand down my front. “I’m grunge metal and hot sauce.” I wave noncommittally at her. “You’re pop and applesauce.” 
Her smile widens. “Not just any old applesauce.” She bends at the waist, gripping the stainless edge of the table, and whispers. “Cinnamon flavored. Don’t tell anyone.” 
Ugh. Damn it. I like her. “You rebel, you.”
“I do what I can.”

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