Sunday, February 23, 2014

Writing Diary: Week 1

My sister (the smart one) tells me a while ago I should chronicle my publishing experiences in a series of blog posts because she finds this entire thing so awesome. It is, but that's not the point. My response to her sounded something like, PAH. Right. Because it's impossible. For plenty of reasons. The big one being that I can't actually tell you things that happen when they happen.

I had a moment last week where I realized I'm about to start two novels. Almost simultaneously. (I'm stupid eager like that.) I had just finished plot boarding an adult scifi, and was half-way through a YA scifi. And the ridiculous huzzah! thought I had was "I should start both on March 1st and see how fast I can write them!" (Stupid eager, remember?) Like this is a marathon. *sigh*

My issue beyond that was, I'm frightened of the non-motivation ahead. It's bound to happen, because I barely wrote at all the last half of 2013. And THAT, my friends, is unheard of in my world. I need things like "You're contracted to write this by..." Then I'll write my fool ass off. Marathon style. Ask anyone.

A couple of my friends have started this calendar star system business to motivate them into writing every day. But, eh, I don't want to do that. Why? Because I'd have to leave my house to buy the stuff, or order it online. But I want to start NOW. (Eager is me.)

So here's the plan. I'm going to update you, dear diary, of my weekly progress. I have, as of now, two novels I want to work on. (Not to mention a full time job, husband, and two kids... THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN.) I have complete plot boards down to scene, blurbs, character GMCs, full Pinterest boards, coffee, critique partners on emergency standby, and an entire blogosphere cheer squad.

And, yeah, I know I said March 1st, but we've been over the eager thing already, right? Right. So. Here's where things stand:

Adult Scifi: I started this last year (you may have heard the word spinoff thrown around) and the character motivations kicked me in the ass. By kicked me in the ass, I mean, of course, they were too lame to let survive. I've since screwed my smarts back into place, replotted, and started over last Wednesday. (This happened to me when writing PROTOTYPE, and I swear if this becomes a pattern, I'll...nothing. I'm all threats with no follow though. Anyway.) I'm stuck on how my heroine and hero should meet, because dammit, it wasn't cute the first time around and NOW IT'S GONNA BE CUTE. Hot cute. Funny, even. While that thought smolders into a fresh idea, Adult Scifi sits at 5,140 words

Favorite Lines:
“You’re a brave girl.” 
“Some might say suicidal, which might be true considering I’m now sitting in your chair.” 
He waved a tool at me. “That chair’s held smarter mouths than yours, believe me. You’ll be just fine.”
YA Scifi: The HUZZAH! to do this story happened a month ago and I immediately set to work on a new plot board. After finishing the plot and writing yesterday... She's now at: 2,142. Favorite Lines:
The charge locks my jaw down and straightens my spine. I can hear the z-zz-zz-z of the electricity shocking me into complacency, and I can smell the burning of my second-hand leather coat and jeans, but they’re truly an out of body experience compared to the lightning strike jolting me from toes to temple. In the base of my skull, a burning sensation spreads until a pop blinds me with pain and brings me to my knees. 
Someone drags me to my feet and spins me around. The man is tall, round, and wears a mustache that’s ten times darker than his head of gray hair. He reeks of coffee and stale cigars. 
“What’s your name?” he asks. 
“We could have started with that,” I say. “It’s dating 101. Name, then number, then torture by electric shock.”
Song of the week: Wrecking Ball, and not the Miley version for reasons. The song is amazing, and... REASONS. No, the Sam Tsui and Kylee cover is amazing.


  1. Hey Misty, would you mind sharing some info on how you put together your plot boards? I've been reading up on these a lot but have yet to find a clear description. And your "blurps", are these just snippets of scenes/character info/background?

    1. Hi Heather! The snippets are just some of my favorite bits that I wrote the week before in the 2 WiPs I'm working on.

      The plot board is a little difficult to explain and needs a series of blog posts to really get the gist. (I show/talk about it a little here:

      BUT, what I do is figure out my main character goal, motivation, and conflict first. Then I plot the main points of the novel: Inciting Incident, Plot Point 1, Pinch Point 1, MidPoint/Plot Point 2, Pinch Point 2, Plot Point 3, Black Moment, and Resolution. I base these from Cathy Yardley's "Rock Your Plot". Next step is to figure out the subplots, which I color code in excel. I show all this in the youtube video. Anyway, all I do is make sure every color is introduced in the 1st act, and are evenly spaced throughout. The subplots DO NOT have to last the entire novel because really they're only there to motivate your main character's plot line. If you want my blank excel sheet, I'd be happy to send it to you. My email is mistydawnwaters at gmail dot com.

  2. Thanks so much for responding. I'm going to check your video out now.


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