Friday, September 27, 2013

The Future of #ARCHETYPE

I didn’t set out to write “science fiction” when I started writing Archetype. What I did want to write was what I love, and I adore futuristic movies set on Earth. Most of the movies I loved are corny as hell now, but there were a pretty decent amount made in the 80’s/90’s that enthralled me.

Back-to-the-Future-2-3D-MovieIt’s no surprise that my favorite Back to the Future movie was the 2nd one because Marty spent half the movie in the future. I don’t hate Arnold even a little bit. Stallone in the future is pretty badass, too.Demolition Man I even dig me some futuristic Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis. I only pray those bright colored crazy outfits don’t come to pass, because dayam, really?

So how does all this translate into the World of Archetype?

Surprisingly, very little! Let me explain why…

Emma, having no memory of her past, has absolutely no memory of the world she lives in either. So the future world that is an explosion of details in my head, is very narrow in this first book.

Keywords there to remember: in this first book.

I never give a year, but this story takes place centuries from now, so some things you’ll see are voice-activated controls. Teleporters. Holograms. And everything is introduced to you as they’re introduced to Emma.

I step out and spin slowly. “What is this place?”

He must see the confusion on my face, because he chuckles and gathers up a small computer tablet from the stool in front of the easel. He presses the screen a few times and the room comes to life.

“Holograms,” he says.

I spin again, gaping. I stand in a desert complete with mountainous sand dunes and the brightest sun I can imagine. The scene changes a moment later and I stand in a jungle with dark roots twisting around my feet. Dark green vines hang from slender trees and water drips from the largest leaves I have ever seen. A snake slithers on a branch above me and I yelp.

Declan runs a hand through a nearby tree trunk. “It isn’t real. You’re perfectly safe in the case of a jungle cat or some other predator appearing. I have no idea how extensive this is, but it’s the best money could buy.”

My main goal when writing this was to make the transition into this future world as seamless as possible for every reader. I want everyone to feel at home; not just the sci-fi readers.

That’s it for now! Don’t forget, the next signed ARC giveaway starts October 1st. Come back here to enter your name in the raffle!

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