Monday, September 30, 2013

#BBF2013 Wrap-up, otherwise known as *crashes hard*

I survived the Baltimore Book Festival! 3 days, 3 panels, an entire case of ARCHETYPE, book covers, and business cards later…

Photo: Baltimore Book Festival. Maryland Romance Writers Panel with my friend- the author

…I’m never getting out of my pajamas again.

(That’s the amazing Robin Covington beside me, ya’ll. We share a hair stylist. Who knew?)

And comparatively, I didn’t even do much. I’m exhausted, but had so much fun! What a great event, and I met so many amazing authors.

For example:

Meg Cabbot

Photo: Meg Cabbot, anyone? #BBF2013

And Jennifer L Armentrout

Photo: Having fun at #bbf2013. Doing a little light reading as Jennifer L Armentrout works on her manuscript.

…to name a couple.

I fooled around with fellow scifi romance author PJ Schnyder, who everyone needs to follow via social media in some or all fashions. She’s hysterical.


Photo: YO. Jennifer. We're NOT stalking you.

(Soul mates?)

I met some amazing bloggers. My new music sister-in-crime, Hannah from the Irish Banana Review and Stacey O’Neil from Fantasy Book Addict. I have mad love for Joyfully Reviewed too!

I’m sure I’m missing some really great stories—there are some—but I’m in serious need of crashing. Because THIS doesn’t look like a big deal:

But 3 days later, I feel like this:



Archetype giveaway. Tomorrow. Come back. Here. To WIN.

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