Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Misty vs The Universe ~ Part 1

So I had quite the interesting weekend. I flew to Indiana so my amazing photog sis could take my jacket photo. (See my about me page!) They’re fabulous!

But that’s not what I want to talk about. GASP!

I know.

Raise your hand if you believe in Karma. *raises hand* Because I clearly did something bad recently. To someone.

I admit nothing.

Friday night at BWI, I’m click-clacking away on my laptop, waiting for my flight, when I look up and see creepylicious guy staring at me. We’re talking average, unkempt, full-on unblinking stare guy.

The guy so cliché your crit partners would smack your hands for writing into a book. YEP, that guy. I did what any girl would do in those circumstances: ducked further into my chair and hid behind my screen. WHEW! Safe!


I get on the plane only to discover I’m on one of those planes where if I weighed two pounds more, I’d have to purchase a second seat. Like, NO ROOM. The flight is full and I lucked out by getting a middle seat. Score.

I sit. Tweet my outrage at the Universe. Ignore stale-breath guy to my right. I have a few more minutes until my left-side partner shows, and I’m praying it’s a very small, nice-smelling girl to offset the testosterone beside me. I’ll play on my phone (when really I’m just acting like I am to avoid conversation…but you know that about me, yes?) and she’ll play on hers and it’ll be a beautiful union.

We’re approaching the last of the passengers. I’m scanning the line, watching everyone struggle with their bags. Will it be her?? Him?? It?? No, the Universe wouldn’t be so cruel.

Oh, but yes.

It would.


More tomorrow!!

What?? It’s a long story! You have blogs to read!

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