Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Romancing the Blog ~ Swoonworthy Heroes

Matt Bomer

My favorite topic!!


For this, I could name just about all the fictional guys I’ve read over the years, but only a few pop right into my head.

Jericho Barrons from Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series is my first go-to. Cuz dayam. And he calls himself an “anti-hero.” Whatever he is…I want him all up in my fictional world.

My second thought when it comes to heroes is Barrons’ completeDanila Kozlovsky opposite. I absolutely love that Russian badass, Dimitri, from the Vampire Academy. I might have loved him more in books 4 & 5 when he wasn’t such a nice guy, but love him either way. He’s amazing.

I could go on like this all day, but I won’t. So, let’s talk about why these heroes? All heroes. What makes you swoon?

Marco DapperI’ve given this a lot of thought over the last year. The answer I came up with is this: I swoon over the guy I’d in all seriousness knee in the balls in real life. He’s the guy who’s impossible in more ways than one.



  1. …walks into an elevator and the first words out of his mouth are about how he’s going to f*ck you later. What is it about this guy??Tom Hardy
  2. …is dismissive of the heroine one second, but when it matters, when lives are on the line, something breaks through the mold. It’s those breaking moments that snag me.
  3. …is perfectly acceptable and charming, except, things stand in the way. There’s outside conflict. Or he’s too conflicted to give in. Nothing gets me more fired up than the hero who can’t let himself love the heroine for one reason or another. Especially when the tension builds. Man. Hold me back.

In the end, it’s the confidence of the hero.

I am all about confidence, which is probably what drew me to my husband. Talk about a confident guy. My husband was the guy I’d most likely knee in his boy parts. After 13 years, I still consider it.  

What is it about the hero that makes YOU swoon??

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