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Meet @CharityBradford & her #SciFi #TheMagicWakes

Charity BradfordHey everyone! I have debut author to introduce, although, I don’t know Charity needs any sort of introduction those of you hanging out in our little blogosphere community. Charity hops around our blogs like a Boss, kindly dropping off comments on her way.
But if you’re unfamiliar with Charity, or if you’ve missed the other blogs on the tour, I’ve brought her over to answer a few questions about her sci-fi debut, The Magic Wakes. Charity was also kind enough to drop off a snippet, and will take some time out to stop by and reply to questions/comments. So hang out and ask your questions!
So here we go! Meet Charity Bradford:

1. What can you tell us about The Magic Wakes? What's the main conflict?

Talia Zaryn is a brilliant scientist who has had nightmares of an alien invasion resulting in her own death all her life. She has other magical talents as well, but she knows no one in her technological society would prepare to fight based on information gathered from dreams. Her life has been spent searching for life outside her binary solar system, but her time is almost up.  Will she convince the military to fight or will she go up in flames like the city in her dreams?
And I can’t seem to write anything without a strong romance thread.  Landry Sutton is part of the royalty military and he unbalances Talia from the moment they meet.
2. How did you come up with the story?
It started out as a dream, well a series of dreams that I found a way to connect to each other. The first was during my freshman year of college. Strange creatures chased me in that dream through several scenarios, most of which are now Talia’s dream sequences. Yeah, think about that when you read them. Smile
3. What other books would you compare yours to?
I’m not really sure, but I do have the same easy going and “light touch” on the science that Alex Cavanaugh has. Other writer’s that I think influenced me are Orson Scott Card, Linda Nagatta, and Robin McKinley. I don’t think I write like them, but sort of a mash up of their styles mixed with my own.
4. Cast your movie. Who would be your all-star cast?
This is so hard! I had very specific people in my head when I wrote The Magic Wakes. However, I know that to be popular I need to pick some younger actors than what someone my age might lean towards.
After a preliminary Google search these people might work. Here are my top 2 choices for each of the 3 main characters.
Talia—Ashley Greene or Jessica Lowndes
Landry—Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth
Jaron—Jude Law is the ONLY option J
5. Why should a reader who typically about-faces a "science fiction" pick up The Magic Wakes? What would pique their interest and probably surprise them?
I wrote The Magic Wakes for my friends who don’t like science fiction. My main goal was to share the worlds in my head with them in a way that they didn’t feel overwhelmed by the technology and “alieness” of the setting. I hope my readers find themselves in a world only slightly different from ours. At its core, this story is about finding the strength to live and fight for what you believe in spite of your own fears and insecurities. There are elements of science, fantasy, romance and adventure all blended together into one fast paced ride.

MagicWakes_CVR (1)
Snippet from Chapter 2 (Background--Talia has dreams that drain her and leave physical wounds that she heals by absorbing the suns energy. This is the first "on screen" episode of that.):

In the dark at the top of a tree-covered hill Talia waited for the sunsrise. The breeze cooled her hot skin and sent goose bumps down her bare legs. The city of Gneledar sprawled across the valley below. The skylanes had already filled with aeroflyers, and it wouldn’t be long before the pedestrian zipways filled.
What would happen if they knew what I could do?
The thought made the hair on her arms rise. She shook it off, grateful the city consulate had allowed her to retain her parents’ home after their deaths. Her father had cared for the nature reserve all his life. Now she could hide within the shadow of the trees a few miles from the busy city below her. This was the one place she felt safe to drink the sunsrise without prying eyes.
How will I survive the dreams without the sunsrise? Talia directed her thoughts to the trees.
Don’t go. Their deep tones resonated through her mind, sending warmth with the tremor of their strength.
A sigh escaped. If only it were that easy.
The first sun rose between Mount Riyou and Mount Gair on the other side of the city. Her shoulder-length hair filled with static electricity as the energy of the sun tugged at her. Sunbeams bounced off metal and glass in a glaring shower of radiance. As the second sun climbed into view, she raised her arms and drew the light to her. 
The rays swirled and coalesced as she inhaled the flowing energy. Her lungs expanded as pure life flowed through her, healing the damage from the dream. The blisters disappeared and the aching muscles relaxed. Her soul expanded until her spirit pushed at the skin, reaching for freedom.
She exhaled.
The excess energy seeped into the surrounding wildlife as the glow of power faded into the normal light of day. The euphoria of the sunsrise faded with each step home. Small animals and birds drew near, touched her feet or shoulders and skittered away again. They knew this was goodbye.
You will come back, the trees hummed.
Not this time. I’m going to Joharadin. Talia pushed back memories of a childhood trip.
Dreams can change.
This one never does.
Stay then. We will protect you.
Talia rested a palm against the trunk of a large tree. Energy pulsed from deep in the core, warming her hand. Power coursed between them like a heartbeat.
She spoke aloud, “They’ll come anyway. I have to fight for us.”
And she would. She didn’t know how, but she couldn’t leave her world in the hands of the Scalies or Dragumon. Or whatever they were called.

Charity Bradford has been a voracious reader ever since her 5th grade teacher introduced her to the world of books with Where the Red Fern Grows and Summer of the Monkeys. She’s the mother of four kids that keep her on her toes, constantly reminding her that imagination still makes the world go round. The Magic Wakes (WiDo Publishing, 2013) is her first novel.


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