Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How My Husband Saved My Novel

Let me preface this by saying that my husband doesn’t read, let alone help me plot. His world is also very literal and based in fact. IF he were to pick up a book, it would be non-fiction and I’d fall asleep just for the sake of proximity.
husband_ignore_wifeA typical day lately (you know, since he found out an honest-to-God publisher took me seriously) is to listen to my novel talk with a steady nod. (Don’t try to imagine how it was before. You’ll sprain something.)
So here’s what happened:

I spent an entire hour trying to figure out what new city to send my main character to in Prototype. Getting my characters out of areas I’ve already set practically gives me hives. I don’t travel. Not really. I work from home, so humans could have evolved in some way for all I know. But yeah, an hour, only to remember with much frustration that my world is set in the future and what are the chances that these places still exist??
*head desk*
Insert husband.

He’d been gone that evening, so when he returned, he asked me how the writing went. And I told him. I told him where I wanted to send my character and how I wasted an hour on Google images and how none of these places can exist for reasons I already set up in Archetype.

This is when my hubs pulls his I’m gonna say something literal in my sarcastic voice move. The go-to method for every Waters man (I do mean every) when they need to say something, but really have nothing of value to add. He can’t just pat my head and say, Sorry, babe. Better luck tomorrow. Which would have been fine. I was just venting. I don’t actually require answers to my world-ending problems when I vent.
Except he literally says what I needed to hear. He reminds me of a future prediction—the layman’s version.

Isn’t California supposed to break off into the ocean, anyway? 


Yep. That’s all he said. Meant to deter me? Be cute? I don’t know. Be a jackass? Absolutely. (God love him.)

All I know is I saw it.

If it hadn’t been after midnight, I might have gotten started right then. He saved my novel. Or at least that part. I got one tiny idea from his sarcastic answer and spawned this entire crazy city that seriously blows my mind.

And next year, you get to read itSmile)))))

Good Lord. Will somebody tell my husband to stop strutting like he’s the man?


  1. LOVE!

    I plot with the husband all the time. We jokingly call the hot tub "The Think Tank" b/c that's where I have his undivided attention (in other words, he's trapped and has no electronics...) He's helped me a lot with the things I'm bad at. Sports trivia, real estate questions, wills/trusts...

    What would we do without them? I wouldn't know how big 500 acres is, and you'd still have California attached to the continental U.S.! ;-)

    1. hahahaha! Love "The Think Tank"...I need to borrow that, lol. Behind his back, I'll lovingly call it, "The Husband Trap."

  2. Yes, husbands are actually useful, who knew? Hehe. Mine is ex-military so that's been nice. Also Misty, he's super intelligent when it comes to guns. He could tell you the pros/cons of every gun on the market. He's an excellent marksman and can tell you which guns have the best accuracy in different situations. Anything you want to know about guns, seriously. So, I don't write about that kind of thing, but if you ever need to borrow him...

    1. Good to know! Might be helpful when it comes time in Days!

  3. I am getting more and more excited to read this series. Can't believe I have to wait so long!

    1. YAY! That's good to hear:))) The excited part, that is.


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