Friday, January 4, 2013

Resolutions, or…2013, you have some living up to do.

2012 was awesome, you guys. I made one goal for myself and ended up with a truckload of awesome, so I’m looking into 2013 and wondering what more awesome-sauce I can create for myself.

Catch that last part?

“Create for myself.”

Because I did these awesome things. (And my super Jedi agent, obviously. She’s got mind tricks coming out her sleeves, for real.) Not the universe. Nobody handed this to me. It wasn’t luck, though I’d like to just throw this out there…I’m one lucky bitch, yo. 


I worked really hard. I drowned myself for over a year in whatever classroom setting I could to figure this out. And it finally paid off. I had one goal last year: to get an agent.


I also had a vignette accepted for the January issue of the Vine Leaves Literary Journal. My first publication. (Not sure of the date, yet, but should be soon.)


And so much more, guys. So. Much. More.

All Wins.

So, thank you, 2012, for being awesome. As for you, 2013…we have some work to do, you and I. A lot to live up to.

Did you Win in 2012??

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