Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pass the Shovel

The sequel to Archetype has turned into this deep emotional well surrounded by walls of conflict.

I’m standing at the top looking in. cponte_brick_well

I need to be IN the murky water below.

Between me and the murky water, what you can’t see, is miles of dirt.

Until yesterday, I thought I was in the water, splashing around, having a grand time. But then here comes Charissa. My girl hands me a shovel and says, “Dig.”

This is why I love her. She knows what I’m capable of even when I don’t. Digging deep into emotions, especially when they’re painful, is hard. Draining. While I love the final product, I hate how raw I feel after. There are just some emotions, as a human being, you don’t want to touch.

But I’m not afraid. And because I know Charissa has my back, I’ll find that water and relish in it.

Today, it was my pleasure to hand Charissa that shovel and say, “Dig.” And like she’s done for me, I’m going to push her until she’s raw and bleeding. Because I know what she’s capable of.

Have you done this for your critique partner lately?


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