Thursday, February 23, 2012

That’s right. I support character abuse.

Charissa Weaks and I are bad, bad people. Horrible.

We support abuse. Murder, too, if necessary.

And we plot it.

Wanna see?

**For the sake of their identities, I won’t publish the victim’s names. And if you see either of our muses, don’t say a word. Hide the post. They have really big mouths and can’t keep secrets from said victims.

K: Heroine 

G: Hero


MISTY: Partner in Crime

EVIL THOUGHTS: Oh, this is totally me.


CHARISSA: Thinking about my catalyst moment and I need more reasons for the beating G has to give to K. Looking at making the beating the midpoint.

MISTY: I think maybe you’re right. Maybe it does happen too soon.

EVIL THOUGHTS: *brain starts spinning…* That beating was NASTY, yet totally necessary. She might be on to something. 

CHARISSA: I can move it up to after she’s been trained & nothing has happened. Maybe G was hoping her powers would be brought on by the training.

MISTY: GREAT IDEA. More motivation. Nothing’s working to bring on her powers…time to kick it into gear. They’re probably growing closer by then. OH…the conflict!

EVIL THOUGHTS: Oh, man, if G’s already falling for K, that beating won’t be fun for either of them. This has to happen later.

CHARISSA: BUT…he will def have feelings toward her by then and nearly killing her will be much harder. What will make him willing to do it? Before it was just frustration and trying to get her to back down.

MISTY: There needs to be a threat.

EVIL THOUGHTS: If someone else beats the shit out of her first… This has to happen.

CHARISSA: Oh God, I can just imagine them the night before he does it. The tension. OMG. And that first hit. God.

MISTY: Does she ever get out of the mansion or off the island before she takes off to Ireland? She could have a nasty run-in that scares the shit out of all of them.

EVIL THOUGHTS: That’s right. Make her run into some Bad Guys, let them rough and tumble her…break her spirit…scare the man who loves her into beating the shit out of her. No question. This has to happen.

CHARISSA: I can SO do that.

MISTY: It would be a perfect motive. And that scene after when he takes care of her would make more sense.

EVIL THOUGHTS: Must. Happen.

CHARISSA: Should I do it after she runs off to Dublin? Let something happen there? They already get attacked. THEN they’ve had sex so the conflict will be just that much more severe.


EVIL THOUGHTS: OH MAN. They’ve done the “deed” AND he has to beat the shit out of her. Feck YEAH.

CHARISSA: I. AM. SO. EXCITED. I literally just clapped my hands.

MISTY: I bounced in my chair. Did a little dance.

EVIL THOUGHTS: …high fived myself.



EVIL THOUGHTS: …for beating a beotch cold!

And that, my friends, is how you plot really really  bad things. For you Newbies out there, I know you don’t condone practically killing your babies main characters yet, but trust me when I say, one day…




  1. I'm just hoping you don't turn ALL our conversations into blog posts LOL. People will think we are demented. Then again, it does take a slightly twisted mind to come up with the fiction we write ;)

  2. I support the idea of putting your character through a lot of hell. (If you book calls for it, abuse is fine. It raises the stakes. I write children's fiction, so I have to be a bit more careful.) In my last book, I put my MC through a ton of emotional abuse. A bit depressing, but at least there's lots of conflict!

  3. Heehee... Yesterday I plotted with a friend on how to best terrorize my characters. I have one who is just realizing how they wrong they are and are about to change their life for the batter and STAB! in the back they're dead. Ahahahahaha >:)


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