Thursday, July 24, 2014

#Prototype Release, and OH! #SDCC!

The last of my Emma babies is out in the world! *sniff* I can't believe it! What a crazy year, and it's only half over. Today marks my THIRD release this year. My last unless something crazy pops up--keep an eye on my Wattpad, because you NEVER KNOW.
Never fear. I'm working super hard to get more books out, so don't go anywhere!
In other news, I'll be at San Diego Comic Con this weekend!! Here's where/when you can find me:
FRIDAY: Penguin Booth #1028 @ 4pm for a "Friday Firsts" signing with Lydia Kang and Walter Jury! I'll be signing paperback copies of ARCHETYPE. 
SATURDAY: PANEL: Sci-fi, Robot, and AI, Oh My! Room 7AB at NOON. I'll be staring hard at authors Daniel H. Wilson, Jason Hough, Daniel Price, Andy Weir, and Nick Cole! Afterward, you can find me signing copies of PROTOTYPE @ 1:30, Table AA09. 
COME SEE ME! LET'S HANG OUT! I'll be stalking Stephen Amell if you feel like tagging along.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July #PROTOTYPE Giveaway & New Excerpt

eBook Available Now!
eBook Available Now!
This is officially the LAST raffle (from me, anyway) to get an advanced copy of PROTOTYPE! Can you believe she releases on the 24th?! So close!
Let's make this raffle extra special, shall we? How about a signed hardcover set?? First place winner will win both ARCHETYPE & PROTOTYPE. Hardcovers. Signed.
Following winners have a chance to win a signed ARC of PROTOTYPE (the advanced paperback version), a signed paperback of ARCHETYPE with it's crazy good cover, or an ARCHETYPE T-shirt.
Just for stopping by, everyone gets an excerpt! Here's one of my favorite parts. Little background: Emma's running from men who are trying to capture her.
I do not look back but instead listen to the dropping off of footfalls and, according to their tones, frustrated curses. I run into the trees and lose several more. Well into the first mile, I reach the entrance to a cemetery. Stone steps lead up the steep hillside. Aging statues of angels, heads bowed in prayer, frame either side of the entrance. Ivy winds up their ethereal bodies. Loose green leaves carpet each step. The sun shines through dense foliage, casting heavenly fingers around the blessed area.
I duck behind large headstones, hoping to lose whoever still follows. When I think I have been out of sight for a while, I push through the door of a mausoleum and close myself inside. Dust particles float in shafts of sunlight from small windows near the top. Three stone coffins fill the space. Dried flowers rise stiffly from dust-coated ceramic vases.
Voices sound close outside and I scramble to the nearest coffin to test the lid. The stone is heavy but scrapes aside with little trouble. A putrid and dank-scented cloud encapsulates the air around me. My gag reflex hitches and I cannot bring myself to look down at first. The raised calls outside grow closer, though, and force me into action.
Whoever the woman was, she has completed the decomposition process, making things easier. She wears the remains of a full-length white dress, pearls at her throat, and a diamond ring to rival mine.
I could sell those.
I grip the coarse stone edge and shake my head. I cannot believe I just considered robbing a dead woman’s grave. There are no circumstances that dire. Not even mine. Besides, I will owe her once I do what I am about to do.
Carefully, I push the remains aside and climb in. The interior smell is nowhere near as bad as the initial release, but it is still awful. I hold my breath and exert all my strength into shifting the heavy lid back into place. Soon, not even a slip of light passes through.
My next draw of breath drags in the foul air and pulls tears from my eyes. Oh God, there is a dead woman next to me. Dead. I want to cover my face but I dare not move. A sharp hipbone sinks into my back like a knife. The back of my head lies on a bed of ribs. I am living inside my nightmare. Trapped by the infinite dark with death at my back.
Outside, the unmistakable sound of the door opening makes me stiffen. Two men speaking in rapid Spanish are inside the mausoleum. The scuffling of shoes against concrete echoes in the space. I hear them travel between the coffins, taking their time. I hold my breath when one of them speaks directly over me, his voice muffled. Three taps, like palm slaps, sound on the lid.

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Writing Diary: Week 19

Paperback Now Available!
Paperback Now Available!
Big, big number to report this week. I missed last week because I went away on vacation with the family. Luckily for this writer, it was a chance to write until I passed out for 7 straight days.
I went into the vacation intending to work on both manuscripts, but got pretty swept up in the Adult Scifi. I'm further into it now than I am the YA Scifi. As much as I love the YA, I couldn't put this story down. And it's refreshing to be back in an adult PoV, but I sense a break coming, so I'm sure I'll be back to reporting #'s on the YA very soon.
Okay, so here it is!
Adult Scifi: 56,663!
If you've been keeping track, that's 20K in TWO WEEKS. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm pretty stunned. That's practically a damn novella. 
Fave Lines: Turns out I don't have many of those. It's such a rough draft! Plus I've reached territory in which, if you've read PROTOTYPE, you'll recognize names and such. Lots of telling info. SO. Keeping it light this week.
I’d been asleep for too long. The waking kind. The seeking vengeance and forgoing an actual life sort of sleep. I’d been going full-tilt toward a future I hadn’t yet realized was as empty as my bed. All those barriers I thought guarded me from the evil in this world also hid the possibilities. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Writing Diary: Week 17

First: 38 days out from PROTOTYPE release. YAYAYAYAYAY!
Paperback Release 6/24/14
Paperback Release 6/24/14
IF you're so inclined, here are the buy links: AmazonBarnes & Noble
I'd be a bad momma if I didn't also mention that there's a WHOLE OTHER VERSION about to release: Large Print! And we're just 12 days away from that. Whoot! (I'm digging the lace shadow on this one. It's pretty sexy.)
Releases 6/25/14
Releases 6/25/14
Okay, so.... Updates. I actually have counts to report for both books this week. I opened the adult scifi on Friday evening and worked on it through yesterday. Nothing NEW, but I went back and deepened the point of view in some areas, which is exactly what this novel's been missing. Which means....I figured out where I've been lacking and how to fix it, so I should be reporting updated word counts on this in the weeks to come. YAY.
Adult Scifi: 36,937 with a bonus 557 for this scene I saw that will come toward the end, but HAD to write immediately. That happens on occasion. Wish it happened more, but alas... Muse is finicky.
Fave Lines:
“You tell yourself that if you can just survive, you can return to your normal life, and you’ll never take for granted those things you thought were bad. You’ll embrace them, and thank God every day for each and every heartbeat. Every expansion of air in your lungs. You’ll be happier than you’ve ever been in your life.” I looked him in the eye and blinked free the first wave of tears even as I smiled. “Because you’ll be alive.”
“Nic,” he whispered and cupped my cheek, brushing tears away with his thumb. “You don’t have to do this.”
I shook my head and backed out of his touch. “Those thoughts of hope were the first lies I told myself."
YA Scifi: 53,161 Man. So. Last week I wrote the hero's big mid-point speech and it surpassed my expectations. I spent several days on it, adding, subtracting, refining. The way it ended came as a big surprise, and even required a bonus scene I hadn't planned for. I used to pants my way through stories, so I just kind of went with it. All I knew was that it would lead me right back into my plot board plans, and if it didn't work out, I'd just delete it. But I think it works! So I'm keeping it.
Fave Line: SO MANY!!!!!
Georgia frees herself of Alec’s strong arms, grabs an end table, and dashes into the crowd. In seconds her head appears above everyone. She turns to take everyone in, the devil in her expression, and waits until she has their rapt attention.
“I’m in the mood to clean house,” she says.
There’s something about the way her eyes glint, the way she leans toward everyone, that makes her intensely beautiful. She attracts like a Gorgon. Any second now the large curls in her hair will come to life, hiss like snakes, and her burning eyes will turn us all to stone.
“I don’t know about you,” she continues, “but I’m sick of living in fear. We shouldn’t have to!”
Did she really just stomp her foot? Come on, Medusa. Didn’t think acting like a toddler was your style. At least show some class while you’re kindling your hellfire.
A chorus of cheer rings through the air. Fists raise on the human half of the room. A few more on the mod side, but not all, I’m happy to see. There are fewer dunces than I first thought.
Georgia looks at the humans. “Name your fear. Let’s put them out ton—”
Georgia’s left arm yanks down suddenly, and a second later, she’s jerked right off the table. The surrounding crowd shifts and murmurs bubble across the room. Then Ian climbs onto the table, and turns the way Georgia had, taking in every face.
That killer, bracketed smile of his sweeps the room. “Think my ex is mad at me?”
Everyone, including the mods, laugh. I laugh; he’s a damn snake charmer.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Writing Diary: Week 16

Another week, another awesome word count. But first...RAFFLE WINNERS!
(Karin: a copy of Prototype, Milena: a T-shirt, and Nicole: a tote bag.) Congrats, ladies! I'll be getting in touch with you shortly for addresses.
So, about my week. Twas a good one. I took a look back at where I started on Friday night and was astounded, actually. I haven't written this much in a while, and it feels really good. At one point, I tried to put away the YA Scifi and work on the Adult Scifi because I had a random idea to add, but the YA has too much pull. I just can't stop working on it. Anyway, here's the count.
YA Scifi: 48,664. That's over 7K up from last Sunday. Love. This word count puts me at the high point of my midpoint, which means... Halfway there! And seriously, if I double that word monster?
Fave Lines: UGH! There are so many.
Patrick fists the guy’s T-shirt and yanks him closer. “You’re talking about the woman I love. I’d be very careful with your word choices from here on out.”
My breath escapes in a whoosh. That’s hands-down the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen. It’s as if Patrick doesn’t see the mods gathering behind the guy he’s holding in a none-so-subtle threat. As if what happens to him doesn’t matter, because the woman he fights for is worth every ounce of pain he’s about to incur if this goes south. This mob could very well stomp him to death if he’s not careful. He’s effin’ crazy. Brave, but crazy.
A surprising thought suddenly blinks like a newborn star against the black sky of my mind: I want to be loved like that. As if nothing in this world means more than I do. Not the judgment of mods, humans, or even a vengeful god out to forsake all he’s created. By the look in Patrick’s eyes, he is that god staring down those he has already abandoned as if to say Test me, mortal. You only breathe because I allow it.
Have I mentioned how much I love this book?